Evolution Powder Coating

Viper Manifold

Before and after! There is a special place at our shop for everything automotive, and this V10 Viper manifold and valve intake covers have a special place in our hearts! Coated to perfection in Candy Red, these auto parts are ready for instillation and capable of withstanding the tough life that is American engineering. And look good doing it, too.

Fine Detailing

The proof is in the fine detailing. From sandblasting just right to ensure that the etching of this product wouldn’t be lost, to the keen eye it takes to powder coat the lettering, we here at Evolution Powder Coating do not mess around with your custom pieces. All the lettering is powder coated to enhance the make and model against the brilliant Candy Blue

Illusion Cherry Rims

Custom powders at their finest! These rims are powder coated in an Illusion Cherry which is a two coat process. The powder goes on red and after it’s first bake the powder turns a deep plum purple. Then, a clear coat goes on white and the rims bake for a second time. This activates the final product! A brilliant Illusion Cherry. Powder coating is a science that is both affordable, durable, and adds that extra color to life.

Pinion Gear

From big to small we do most all! This Corvette pinion is coated in a custom three coat process. Notice the fine detailing on the pinion gear head. A special thanks to Ska Fabricating for completing our oven extension. We are now able to accommodate items up to 22 FEET!

Truck Grill

This front bumper is coated in a custom color our powder coater has created! It is a two coat process of Silver Vein as a base coat and Candy Red as a top coat. From a distance it looks Candy Red but when close up the silver vein is seen and adds depth and texture to what would be a normal glossy red. Candy Red over Silver vein is found at Evolution Powder Coating only!

Custom Decal

This custom sticker, provided by our client, is enhanced with an awesome powder coated exterior. Design is hilarious, resilient, and more than capable of withstanding the daily adventures that go along with our local lifestyle. Bring your ideas to us and we can make them a reality that will last for years!